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Hello my name is Lea Unger

I am a fully trained graphic designer
currently studying communication design
with focus on motion graphics,
interactive- and spacial design.

Here is my online portfolio

Shrooms is a sound application

coded in processing, made to enjoy music in an different, interactive way
It was build during a 24 h workshop

alienated light is a survival-horror-game

created during a Game Jam under the theme "someone turned the light off"


Alien Concept

Mouth motion is a simple and naive application

It's Illustration shows an animal "speaking" accordingly to the sound input.
Done within a few hours during a weekend workshop at the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences
Coded in Processsing

Mouth Concept 2 Mouth Concept

Fabel is a 2D-Point'n'Click Adventure

created during interactive-media-class.
The User plays the small hedgehog, that fears... basically everything.
It is his task to defeat those fears and find the magical Dragon to save his family.
It was my task to prepare the 2D Animation and Sprites.

Fabel Concept 1 Fabel Concept 2

Vision was a project in the motion-graphic-class

I used a DSLR for filming, Adobe Premiere and After Effects. As an actor I was joined by the amazing Tobias Metz and had additional help by my fellow student Monique Weißmantel.

A young man enters the construction work of his new home and gets inspired by his own vision.

intermezzo is a simple short

It was created in 3D-motion-graphic class. It was build in cinema4D and composed in Adobe After Effects showing first simple steps with 3D art.

Sehensucht is a current filmproject

It mainly plays around the idea to visualize the protagonists thoughts.
Sehensucht on Instagram

enjoy the silence is a funny short

In today's life we rely heavily on electronic devices that seem to make everything easier. But convenience comes with a price: Noise. This fun, three minute film shows what might happen if you don't take care...

Hidden Captcha is an interactive application

done in less than 72 hours time during the Captcha-Design-Festival in Mannheim. We interpreted the captcha-code (which is a type of challenge-response test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human) into an three-dimensional application, interactive and for intuitive use. By moving the mouse the user slowly discovers the captcha-code which is deformed by being projected onto an uneven surface. This project was created by Juliane Gutschmid, Luise Braeur & Lea Unger under the instruction of Karima Klasen
Captcha Concept 1 Captcha Concept 2

neo opulence is a showstage concept

It combines the opulence and power of the tractor with the technology & innovation from john de*re. For the stagedesign I created a baroque theater that is build out of engine pieces.
The project was also shown in the John Deere cave an interactive 3D-environment which gives the feeling of standing inside the fictional 3D model.
Neo Concept 1 Neo Concept 2

Sun, Sound and Tyres is an outdoor instalation

The task for this group project was to construct an outer spacial area for the yearly Werkschau of our faculty of design. Being more specific it was our duty to create a nice lounge for visitors to chill out in and interact.

Using cheap materials helped with the tiny budget and allowed us to think over the edge.
Sun Concept Sun Concept sketch

As a student research project

I decided to get an assignment by the now retired Thomas Duttenhöfer. He gave the task to create something under the topic "nervöse Stadt, nervöses Ich" (= nervous city, nervous me).

Thinking about what makes me nervous in a city I developed a journal about outdoor advertisement and created a poster range of myself with nervous facial expression which I enhanced.
Nervous Concept

100% fucked showcases my first university-projects

In typography-class during my early studies we had the assignment to create our own magazine.

Hundertprozent Concept

per Anhalter is an infographic

about a group-project of three fellow students and me hitchhiking from Mannheim to Cologne. We were separated in two groups: girls vs boys. Whoever arrives in cologne first wins. Sad to say: the guys didn't even made it to Frankfurt...

As an outcome everyone had to create an infographic of their own experience. I combined the journey with tipps and guidelines for newbie hitchhickers.
Anhalter Concept


Being the daughter of an artist-family I can never lay down my pencil and stop to scribble something.
Here I showcase some of my sketches.
Sketches Concept 1 Sketches Concept 2

Multidiscipline Designer & Artist living in Bensheim, Germany.

contact me


Lea Unger
Weidgasse 28
64625 Bensheim